Mechanical Training Programs :-

In the Mechanical course we trained about the working functions Engines (Diesel & Petrol), Thair Machinisum equipments, Lathe Machine oprations etc.

Electrical & Electronics Training Programs :-

In the Electrical course we trained about the wiring (Industrial and House),Techinique of Piping, AC Moter (single-three Phase), Transformars etc.

Pipe Fitter & Welder Training Programs :-

In the Pipe Fitter & Welder we trained the students about the fitting of pipe by gause-by-gause and welding procedure of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, and (TIG/ MIG/ Argon/ Arc/ Pressure/ Gas) welding technique and also thair (joint & cutting) types.

Refreezration and Cooling system Training Programs :-

In the Refreezration and Cooling system we trained about Plant A.C. Technical, Refreezration system (AC and Freez & water cooling system).

Computer Training Programs :-

In the Computer Training Programs we trained Basic Computer, Auto Cad, Draughtman, DCA/ DTP/ TALLY, Hardware and Software, Web designing & Development, Graphic Designing, Networking Courses etc .